Saturday, March 5, 2011

Slow reading speed? Loss of concentration?

Studies from the National Eye Institute of the National Institutue of Health indicate approximately 5% of the school population has a condition called Convergence Insufficiency (CI).  That means for a local school district like ours, there will be approximately 1000 children with CI.  Treatment is based on symptoms.  The most common symptoms are:
     1) Slow reading speed
     2) Loss of place when reading
     3) Loss of concentration when reading
     4) Eye strain
     5) Headaches
     6) Blurry vision
     7) Double vision

If your child does have CI, in-office optometric vision therapy has been proven to provide the highest success rate.  In order to pinpoint the problem, give us a call.

--James B. Mayer, OD, FCOVD
     Agape Learning & Optometry Center
     Thousand Oaks, CA  91360
     (805) 495 3937

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