Thursday, August 4, 2011

Optometric Sports Vision Therapy & Ice Hockey

This is a very nice interview from WBFO-FM 88.7 NPR radio in Buffalo, New York.  A developmental optometrist (Dr. Mark Gordon) is credited with helping extend the career of a goalie with the Tampa Bay Lightning.  His name is Dwayne Roloson and he feels optometric sports vision therapy is one of the main reasons he has been able to play into his 40's.

"I've been with him 12, 13 years, working with him," says Roloson. "We've tried to keep it quiet because we were going to write a book about it and bring it out later once I retired, but I keep on - because of a lot of his eye stuff that we're doing - I've been able to keep playing. So I think now, I think it's great for him to be able to get some recognition and knowledge for the success that I've had."

"If you're doing well as an athlete, and you find the goose that laid the golden egg, if you find your Holy Grail, if you find the thing that gives you the winning edge, you might not want to share that with your competition," says Dr. Gordon. "And that's what we see going on in offices like mine who do a lot of work with athletes, especially at such a high level."

The interview can be found by clicking HERE.

I have found that optometric sports vision therapy can be very effective for not only hockey goalies but also soccer, field hockey and lacrosse goalies.

--James B. Mayer, OD, FCOVD
     Agape Learning & Optometry Center
     Thousand Oaks, CA